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remedy quarterly issue 8

remedy_coverremedy_contentsHello, friends! I come today with a bit of exciting news. I just received the latest issue of Remedy Quarterly, a truly lovely food magazine created by Kelly Carámbula, who also happens to be a blogger I greatly admire. I have loved this magazine for awhile now, with the inspiration it has taken from old community cookbooks, the wonderful themes chosen for each issue, its charming two-color printing and, of course, the stories, recipes and interviews that fill it. However, I am particularly thrilled about this installment because it includes a story and recipe from me! I encourage you to hop on over to Remedy Quarterly’s shop and pick up your very own copy of Issue 8: Adventure.

If I may tempt you further, I offer below a glimpse of the everyday cake you can whip up with the recipe that accompanies my story. And yes, it is one of those cakes, and I am not ashamed. Because it is delicious.

Also, to anyone who has come this way via my piece in Remedy, welcome! I am so glad you are here. Please stay awhile!

Lastly, a wee bit of housekeeping. I finally set up a subscription option for those interested in receiving email notifications regarding new posts from Delightful Crumb. Visit the subscription page to sign up, or to pick up my RSS feed.

I will return shortly with a new recipe. Until then, may you have many adventures, whether big and exciting or small and seemingly mundane.

And may you also have cake.

(PS Happy birthday, dear sister Sara!)

everyday cakeremedy_back cover