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Healdsburg Getaway

The view from Scribe | Delightful CrumbGetting out of town is something not to be taken lightly, or for granted, I’m reminded once again. A couple weeks ago, Ben and I escaped to Healdsburg, a favorite destination of ours, for just one night, but it was enough to reinvigorate me entirely. It was such bliss to be outside in the sun, far from any piles of papers I ought to attend to or dusty corners to sweep or emails that beg response. We stayed in a darling Airbnb tucked into a wooded Healdsburg neighborhood, up in the hills, so close to the center of town but feeling a million miles away from civilization. It boasted a sweet little fireplace and the requisite quirky decorations as well as a delicious breakfast delivered to our tiny patio, tiled with brilliant mosaics made by our hostess. We walked up the dirt road that morning, the cold air welcome on our faces. With the dreamy spirits so characteristic of vacation, we decided that maybe we should live up in these hills ourselves someday, once we’ve gotten our fill of city living and crave something quiet and wild.

Healdsburg patio | Delightful Crumb Brunch spread | Delightful CrumbWe went to SHED, where we ate housemade pickles (beets! eggs! beech mushrooms!) and crackers with a myriad of dips and drank fermented probiotic beverages, and where I couldn’t stop smiling, as is the case whenever I’m there. All of the items they make and carry are beautiful and thoughtful and drenched in sunlight, it seems, and I swoon each time over everything from napkins to spice blends to chocolates.

SHED pickles | Delightful Crumb SHED mezze plate | Delightful CrumbSHED deli case | Delightful Crumb

We drove to several wineries, admiring the mustard plants that painted the landscape with their wild yellow blooms, and feasted on baguettes and cheese. Also, pie.

Noble Folk pie | Delightful CrumbWe finished the trip with an afternoon at Scribe, which was dreamy indeed. I can think of few things better than sitting with a glass of wine and a beautiful view next to my favorite person, wrapped up in a blanket to stay warm while daylight fades.

Good eats at Scribe | Delightful Crumb Blue hour at Scribe | Delightful CrumbHere’s wishing you your own getaway, to somewhere either near or far, very soon.

Edge of the world | Delightful Crumb Mosaics | Delightful Crumb

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