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Megan & Sam's table | Delightful Crumb

I wanted to share a few images and thoughts from our recent trip to Seattle, where we had an utterly lovely time. We were charmed by the neighborhoods and the little houses and everyone’s kindness and the near-constant view of the mountains. It was the perfect balance of city exploration and quiet days on Whidbey Island, time alone for the two of us and time with friends, simple eats and fancy lunches, planned excursions and surprising finds.

Our train trip to Seattle was an excellent little adventure of its own. Once in Seattle, we had lazy mornings, dipped our toes in the ocean, visited the Ballard Locks and Gas Works Park and the Golden Gardens, wandered through new-to-us neighborhoods and sweated through hot summer days. We saw dear friends from Grand Rapids who now call Seattle home, as well as my soul sister Megan and her almost-husband (!!) Sam. The trip serendipitously overlapped with Kimberley‘s book tour through the Pacific Northwest, so Megan and Sam hosted us all for a backyard dinner party, complete with Sam’s amazing cocktails, a salad of perfect tomatoes and Megan’s delectable quiche.

We ate supremely well the whole time, which is obviously a priority for me. Our schedule was such that the most grand meals of the trip were lunches. I became, albeit briefly, a lady who lunches, sometimes with wine, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

My favorite meals were lunch at Sitka & Spruce (first two images below—there is a beet and walnut purée between those thin slices of raw beet. genius!) and dinner at Delancey with Megan and Sam, where the pizza was nearly as good as the company.

Sitka & Spruce | Delightful CrumbSitka & Spruce | Delightful CrumbDelancey | Delightful Crumb

Another culinary high point was the dreamy biscuit with butter and jam at The Wandering Goose, with second prize going to the chocolate chip cookie. Thank goodness Megan told me what to order in advance, because I don’t know how else we would have chosen from the abundant selection of rustic, Southern-inspired treats.

Other notable eats included our fancy-pants lunch at The Whale Wins (pickle plate! carrots with yogurt and harissa! blueberry cobbler with whipped cream!), a simple afternoon lunch at Boat Street Cafe, breakfast at Cafe Besalu and lunch with our pal Sarah at the apparently famous food truck Paseo.

The Wandering Goose | Delightful Crumb The Whale Wins | Delightful Crumb Boat Street Cafe | Delightful Crumb Cafe Besalu | Delightful Crumb Paseo | Delightful CrumbWhidbey Island was a dream. If you go, I highly recommend mussels, fries and beer at Toby’s in Coupeville. (Megan suggested this, too! She never steers me wrong.) I also loved Greenbank Farm, which we visited with Ben’s aunt and uncle. Perhaps best of all were our morning breakfasts overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We just sat, which I don’t usually do, and it was divine.

Whidbey Island | Delightful Crumb Toby's | Delightful Crumb Island ice cream | Delightful Crumb Deception Pass | Delightful CrumbAs noted: vacation is not overrated. I had nearly forgotten.

IMG_5052Gas Works Park | Delightful Crumb

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