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We’re in deep, are we not? Right in the heart of summertime. In my little corner of the world, we’ve settled back in from a trip to Seattle and the subsequent whirlwind that was last week at work, but I am still reveling in the goodness of that trip. Summer vacation is not overrated, and the hot days of this one reminded me of the sort of summertime I grew up with in the Midwest (which obviously was a good thing in my book).

But more on that later! I wanted to pop over only briefly to share some of my work that is out and about in the world right now.


Peach Galette | Edible San FranciscoIllustration by Heather Hardison

I love my quarterly assignment from Edible San Franciscowherein I come up with simple seasonal recipes that are then illustrated by the talented Heather Hardison. Bay Area friends, you can find a copy for free all over the city. Flip to the back spread for the recipes! You can also find them online right here.


Remedy Quarterly Issue 15 | Kelly CarambulaPhoto by Kelly Carámbula

I also wrote an article for the latest installment of Kelly Carámbula’s charming Remedy Quarterly. She asked me to write something about Marie Catrib’s, a restaurant in Grand Rapids that I adore. It was easy to say yes. I’ve had countless wonderful meals and memorable conversations in that space, along with plenty of deli containers and desserts to go. I was determined to have our wedding feature something of Marie’s—and to have her food in my belly on that monumental day—and we ended up with the most beautiful and delicious spread of cakes, crumbles and brownies (if you click on that link, just keep scrolling until you get to the food…).

The issue was about triumph, and Kelly asked if I thought that the two might fit together in some way, which, as it happens, they absolutely do. Marie Catrib overcame so much in her own life, moving to America from Lebanon, building a cooking career, creating this gem of a restaurant and then gracefully facing cancer, which eventually took her away from the multitudes who loved her. The neighborhood itself overcame many hurdles before becoming the bustling place it is today, and I think many of us triumphed over the small trials of life during meals eaten here, where we were cared for and life was celebrated. Read more in Issue15: Triumph—you can buy it right here! The issue also includes the recipe for Hummingbird Cake, enjoyed by all (but especially me) at our wedding.

I’ve got to say, Kelly’s lovely little creation feels pretty dang personal at this point. Way back in spring of 2012, I wrote about the adventure of living alone in my darling Grand Rapids apartment for Issue 8. Then, I wrote about our leap across the country in the issue about risk. After that, Kelly made her own move to the Bay Area, and I finally met her in person. I also recently realized that I must credit this publication with introducing me to Megan’s blog, which led me to Megan herself, and I’m now lucky to call her a friend. Perhaps it will introduce you to something special, too.

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