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the wonder of the fig

Wine-Poached Figs on Ricotta Toast | Delightful CrumbFigs had my attention well before I moved to California, and unlike many things that are not so stunning in real life as in our imaginations, they did not disappoint. This fruit blows me away—how is it that these soft, sweet orbs with impossibly pink interiors bursting with seeds appear on trees planted in the dirt? Nature: what a miracle!

The fig season is waning or over for most, but I know that at least a few remain. Just a week ago, I found myself in a wild Berkeley backyard that was home to not only a nest full of baby bunnies (!) but also a fig tree, which was growing next door and reaching its long limbs over the fence to hang heavy at my fingertips with fat, ripe fruit.

Wine-Poached Figs on Ricotta Toast | Delightful CrumbIf, by chance, you still have figs at your disposal, I heartily recommend this autumnal preparation: Wine-Poached Figs on Ricotta Toast. I imagine grapes would stand in nicely if you don’t have access to figs or their season is over where you live.

Wine-Poached Figs on Ricotta Toast | Delightful Crumb Wine-Poached Figs on Ricotta Toast | Delightful CrumbThis recipe and the accompanying article and photos were my contribution to the fall edition of Edible Silicon Valley. I’ve really enjoyed contributing upon occasion to this relatively new addition to the Edible Communities family of publications. Pick up a copy if you happen to be in the neighborhood, flip through the whole issue electronically or check out the article right here.

Wine-Poached Figs on Ricotta Toast | Delightful Crumb

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  1. Stacy! Yes we still have figs and I’ve grilled ’em, roasted ’em, and eaten ’em raw, but never poached. And ricotta, mint, and almonds… yum! This is my kind of dish.
    Have a great week,

  2. I just so happened to be in Berkeley last week myself, and wandered upon a ripe fig tree, just bursting with fruit. I didn’t realize it was the end of the season, otherwise I definitely would have picked myself one or two…

    Nature: what a miracle, indeed!

  3. Stacy Ladenburger : QUEEN OF TOAST.