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in the mood

Homemade Ice Creams // Delightful Crumb Donkey & Goat // Delightful Crumb Root Veg Bowl // Delightful CrumbWith summer officially upon us, I am feeling very much in the mood. My corner of the world (see photos) and the whole of the Internet (see links) are bursting with the evidence of this season—abundant berries and stone fruits, a plethora of ways to use them up (as though we were ever at a loss!), little ones frequenting coffee shops with their parents smack in the middle of the day, weddings, plenty of sunshine, camp and swimming parties, ice cream, corn on the cob and cherry tomatoes.

Summer Picnic // Delightful Crumb Midsummer Cake // Delightful Crumb-Sara shares a stunning Cherry Almond Galette along with some wise words on love and marriage: I don’t know that anyone can warn you for how complicated and humbling and broken and outrageously fun and sometimes dark and sharpening marriage is … I haven’t figured it all out, but being ready or not is all you need to know. You say yes to fighting for this person. INDEED.

-Having discussed the subject with the lady myself, I was so glad to read Kelsey’s smart, insightful post on the theme of women and the body. Some truth: Let’s not wait until we’re 70 to feel good about the vessel we landed to change the world from. There is freedom in appreciation given. Amen, sister. (Also: that cobbler, and that video? Both of them gorgeous as well.)

Broiled Apricots and Cherries with Ricotta and Thyme. Apricot and Cherry Brown Butter Crisp with Vanilla and Lemon Sugar. Phyllis’ posts never fail to inspire me, for escapades in the kitchen, for life.

-I am lucky enough to have consumed one of these Chili Lime Watermelon Popsicles that Kimberley developed for Etsy, and they scream of summer. You’d be happy, I am certain, to have them in your freezer for the hot days ahead!

-Is rhubarb lingering where you live? If so, check out this fantastically beautiful Panna Cotta and Rhubarb Tart from Herriott Grace!

-Though not specifically summer related, I do love it when Joy momentarily sets aside the cakes and cookies in the interest of her excellent philosophical reflections.

-Finally, I was thrilled to be among a host of lovely posts (including two of the aforementioned) in Food52’s weekly list of food blog links last Friday!

Brunching // Delightful CrumbPictured: (1) Homemade Mint, Blueberry-Lavender and Dark Chocolate Ice Creams, (2) Summer wines at Donkey & Goat in Berkeley; (3) Farm share root vegetables, tofu, wheat berries and beers consumed on the stoop; (4) Picnic with visiting family, complete with Arizmendi pizza; (5) Nigel Slater’s Midsummer Cake; (6) Brunch with a dear friend at Grand Lake Kitchen.

As always, see more of my daily goings-on via Instagram: @sladenburger.


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