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My oh my, how time flies! Many apologies, dear reader. Last week, Ben and I were vacationing, to Chicago and St. Louis, and the week prior I was overwhelmed with all of the preparation vacation demands–and also rather wiped out by that week of in-between-time recipes.

But something else has distracted me as well. Yes, my friends, I have some news, and excellent news at that: Ben and I are engaged! On a brisk sunlit morning exactly one week ago, on a pier stretching out into Lake Michigan near our dear friends’ Chicago apartment, Ben asked me to marry him.

And yes I said yes I will Yes.

I’m not one for sweeping statements or overblown sentimentality, but let me say this: I am sure of this in a way I’ve been sure of very few things. I tend to question everything, I am terribly indecisive and a few years ago, I was a happy single lady wondering if I’d ever meet my somebody to love. But by the time Ben and I arrived at the end of that pier, with only two ducks as company and the wind whipping wildly through my hair, with the tiny, perfect stones on the ring I’d helped Ben design only days before flickering in the light like the sun on the waves, everything felt peaceful and right. I still believe what I’ve always believed: about life being hard, about love being a choice, about all of us being so utterly imperfect. But I now believe, too, that God really does bring peace and clarity to the things that are right, if only we’ll be patient. And though we’re not perfect and it is not always easy, saying yes to Ben is sure and secure and certain and very, very good.

And I know this: Ben is the one with whom I want to share my meals, walk through life, learn and cry and laugh (oh, how we laugh!), be young and grow old. And I will keep on choosing him, every day, forever.

I cannot wait.

city museum

engaged feet

Top two photos taken at Floriole in Chicago, freshly engaged, with Nikon D70.

Bottom two photos taken in St. Louis with iPhone 4S + Instagram.

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